Share, update and track usage of your Global Value Dossier

iGVD is an interactive, user-friendly, cloud-based Platform which increases GVD use. Localise content and ensure a consistent approach to reimbursement across many jurisdictions.

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Share the true value in your GVD

Enables LOCs to navigate more easily and localise the GVD on-line to submit for local HTA submissions

Strategically align the evidence supporting key value messages to different payer types

An internal core resource detailing the value of the product and presenting the supporting evidence in an approved and accessible format

Supports affiliates in their access strategy and upcoming value-based discussions with payers

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iGVD analytics tracks usage and informs future evidence generation strategy.

  • Gain greater insights from your data
  • Make better informed strategic decisions quickly
  • Respond efficiently to your Payer’s needs

A compliance module that can be configured to limit local input and enable global to validate local modifications if needed

Upload the GVD to a single web-based platform from where it can be accessed by affiliates

Allow affiliates to change sequence and deselecting or adding sections as required

Secure rights-based access, so that only approved team members can edit content

Ensure that the affiliates are only ever working with the latest version of the GVD

Offer version control to enable a GVD to be localised and iterated prior to finalisation

Analytics and reporting to understand usage data

Export and print functionality so the local Value Dossier can be saved as PDF

Enable global team to edit the GVD dynamically as data becomes available

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