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Join clan Curo in Glasgow

We'll be demonstrating our suite of HEOR and Market Access tools at ISPOR's 20th Annual European meeting from 4-8th November 2017 at the SEC Glasgow.

It's a little-known fact that the first permanent colour photograph featuring a knotted tartan ribbon was made possible by the work of Scottish physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell. His 1855 paper on colour vision, paved the way for the RGB system that enables us to view digital images today. Visit us on booth 806 and you might notice a slight colour shift of our own, more on that later...

Since joining the Envision Pharma Group in January this year, our state-of-the-art platforms are now complemented by an extensive range of industry-leading technology solutions iEnvision® and Datavision®.

To set up a personal meeting with representatives from the Curo team to discuss your value strategy development, or to arrange an online demonstration, please leave your details here

Beyond the LENS

Significant enhancements have been made to the LENS (Literature & Evidence Navigation System) platform. LENS now boasts the ability to run Network Meta Analysis (NMA) comparisons on your database alongside existing functionality. New for 2017, we are excited to showcase our latest addition, LENS Landscape – a portfolio of robust, targeted, reproducible literature reviews built on industry-benchmarked LENS platform. These reviews use smart LENS functionality to develop fact based qualitative and quantitative insights, helping clinical development, HEOR and market access teams plan their evidence based portfolio, understand the landscape, identify knowledge gaps and optimise value strategy.

iGVD – Share the true value in your GVD

Released at ISPOR Vienna in November 2016, iGVD has been expanded to include a host of features that insures the investment in your GVD is not wasted in a document that is difficult to share, navigate, localise and keep track of. iGVD’s fully editable structure can now re-reference on the fly and export content to custom PowerPoint slide templates that can be uploaded by the user.

We look forward sharing our innovations with you in Glasgow!


Join our Webinar – NSCLC ALK & EGFR Insights with LENS

Conducting a comprehensive SLR in advanced-NSCLC is an incredibly resource intensive and challenging process, right?

  • You may be interested in ALK, EGFR and other NSCLC mutations?
  • You might need to assess clinical effectiveness (survival, response rate, safety) between targeted therapies such as brigatinib, alectinib, crizotinib, ceritinib, lorlatinib, afatinib, erlotinib and their impact based on key patient characteristics (age, mutation-subtype etc)?

We all look for real insights which are easily and readily accessible and configurable. But in reality, most SLRs are unwieldy and difficult to ‘fine-tune’ the research question.                                                

That's why on Thursday 21st September you should join our 30 minute webinar on Syndicated NSCLC SLR – LENS Landscape to find out more about:

  • NICE compliant NSCLC SLR methodology through a clear and pragmatic protocol
  • Role of SLR analytic application – LENS Landscape with insights from NSCLC

(even if you can't make it, register anyway so we can send you the slides and recording)

Title: From NSCLC SLR to Greater ALK & EGFR Insights with LENS
Date: Thursday 21st September 2017
Time: 1.00pm UK
Duration: 30 minutes including Q&A

To register, leave your details here. We look forward to you joining us!


Say Hola! to Curo at ESMO 2017

ESMO2017 banner

Are you Interested in different outcomes for EGFR or ALK therapies in NSCLC​?

Want to gain a deeper insight into the evidence for NSCLC EGFR and ALK therapies? Do you need to examine data between 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation ALKs or 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation EGFRS to get the bigger picture?

Come and see us at ESMO to get a deeper insight in to our syndicated LENS as well as an overview of our range of HEOR evidence and insights management solutions in oncology.

LENS Landscape NSCLC is a world class, pre-built SLR, focussing on EGFR and ALK driver mutations built using Curo's own LENS technology. It allows you to assess performance of major therapies, get instant insights and understand the impact of key effect modifiers by comparing data across a range of key endpoints.

Now part of The Envision Pharma Group, makers of the industry standard publications platform DataVision, Curo are established market leaders in delivering technology led solutions as well as value strategy in solid tumours and haem-oncology.

Contact us to say Hola! and arrange a meeting at ESMO or to schedule a demo of our tools.

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