Curo Consultancy Services - Supporting your therapy and gaining Market Access

Working with the Pharma industry and their Payers, Curo enables an innovative and collaborative approach to Market Access for branded therapies.

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Gaining Market Access is vital to a therapy’s success, although of course the story doesn’t end here. Market Access is not just about getting your therapy approved for use or reimbursement; it’s about enabling Payers at Regional level to understand its impact in real, measurable terms - how a therapy can be best fit into Treatment pathways, seeing how a therapy performs clinically or financially against KPIs, and of course, how it will impact on patients. At a local level, Market Access is about ensuring prescribers know when to prescribe in order to ensure optimum clinical and value performance, and to show the impacts – both positive and negative - of prescribing one treatment over another.

The Market Access process tends to focus solely on gaining National approval when in actual fact, this is just the start. MA extends further to Regional approval which in turn enables usage. It’s also worth remembering here that Regional Payers have KPIs and drivers of their own and although a drug may be approved on a National basis, if it doesn’t fit a Payer’s needs, it just won’t be prescribed.

Curo services support a therapy the entire way through the healthcare system, from initial National listing to the professionals at the front of healthcare – the prescribers. Curo uses several concepts and approaches (based on our experiences within the Health Care sector and with Payers) that enable Pharma companies to work right from end to end, ensuring that they can address each individual aspect of the process with intelligence.

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