Shaping Payer Understanding

Curo can enable you to formulate a solid Market Access strategy by offering honest perspectives on evidence and value.

Shaping Payer Understanding

The Curo approach

Working with your HEOR data, our analysts can help you to understand the real-word impact of your therapy in a given disease area. Curo helps you to create a narrative that means much more that just numbers on a spreadsheet – we breathe life into your data.

Looking beyond molecule to molecule comparison, we focus on demonstrating value for the Payer. Our solutions help Payers make the right decisions about new therapies, and can show in measurable terms just how intelligent use of your therapy can support their goals on the Patient Treatment Pathway.

Why we care about Payers

Often, Payers are targeted as though they are one homogenized organisation that will react and respond in the same way – but at Curo we understand from experience that they don’t. The truth is that they are individuals; they see things in different ways. We think that Payers should be treated as the rational free-thinkers they actually are.

We believe in a collaborative approach. We understand Payers’ needs and help you to focus on their drivers, ultimately ensuring that everyone will meet their objectives - benefitting your therapy, your Payers and their patients.

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